I play Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro, Lap-steel, and non-pedal guitars. It's been my full-time gig for 30 years. 

Available for recording and live performance projects.  My experience includes playing master sessions, demos, jingles, commercials, movie projects, industrial and theatrical projects, songwriter and publishing projects, as well as live concerts, shows, showcases and really any other opportunity to make great music. 

I may be called upon to play Rock, Swing, Country, Blues, Standards, New Age, or any number of other genres. I enjoy the diverse nature of projects and opportunities that are presented in the NY area. The work is challenging and varied. I'm able to approach playing in ways that are at times very "outside of the box". This is all good, and I feel fortunate making a living by doing what I love.

I also buy and sell professional grade instruments, amplification systems and accessories. I repair, set up and tech pedal steels with precision and attention to mechanical detail, playability, and tuneability. I have done many complete steel guitar restorations.  I am a technical expert at the Emmons original push-pull system,  modern all pull systems, and most other PSG changer/pull-train systems as well.

I can consult on anything Steel guitar related.

Please take a moment to review the resume on the clients' page. There is also a lot more to check out.

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