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Western Caravan - Western Swing

CD Review: Yellow Texas Moon- The Western Caravan
Mike Gross, WVOF-FM Fairfield CT
As a follow-up to a very successful live album, New York City's premier Western Swing band, The Western Caravan, has just released their first studio CD. The group's highly talented steel guitar and acoustic guitar player, John Widgren produced this album ... 

... John's steel and Bob's fiddle just blow you away.  with a great version of Buddy Charleton and Leon Rhodes' Honey Fingers. 

This album should be added to the collection of all fans of contemporary Western Swing or of any of these fine musicians. This band is on the verge of really taking off and this John Widgren production could be the vehicle to get it going. The songs, arrangements, vocals and instrumentation are all first class. 
Lloyd Green (Nashville Steel Guitar Genius)
"Yellow Texas Moon was an unexpected and happy delight!  I would perhaps expect to hear such a fine recording from Austin or Dallas ... The musicianship and mixing are first class.  ... Tell John Widgren to be careful with that steel, he could be dangerous ...  He plays really good."
Commander Cody 

Town Crier, Pawling, NY
... John Widgren on Pedal Steel winding and unwinding, reaching new heights, trading with Emerick (Mark Emerick lead guitar).  After the show the Commander held court, Emerick sold t-shirts. Barbuto & Mullen signed autographs and Widgren talked shop with fellow steel player Tiny Olson who was in the audience.
The Charlie Daniels Band, Leon Russell,
& the Commander Cody Band
Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ,
... George Frayne (The Commander if you will) still boogies with the best of them. The Lost Planet Airmen are lead by Mark Emerick on lead guitar . The rhythm section starts and ends with Steve Barbuto on Drums and Rick Mullen on base (lots of energy) and John Widgren on pedal steel (terrific). 
The Two River Times
Music Scene Night Grooves, By Uncle Mike
... Commander Cody, (aka, George Frayne) and his most excellent band featuring Mark Emerick (1lead guitar/vocals), Rich Mullen (bass), Steve Barbuto (drums/vocals) and John Widgren (pedal steel guitar), ripped through reved up renditions of "Too Much Fun" (way cool tune & lead Guitar.), "Riot In Cell Block #9" (hot lead g./big cheers), "Rock That Boogie" ... band mates are most certainly Lost Planet worthy! 
Dave Isaacs
(Steve Ekblad reviews Dave Isaacs/Into Blue)...
Joined by the expertise of pedal steel player, John Widgren, Dave delivers a wonderful slow alt-country tune in "Into Blue" with a brilliant play between his guitar and the clever fills on pedal steel and a great ending solo. John takes a mid-tune solo and shows off the years of his playing with greats like Commander Cody and The Lost Planet Airmen.
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